Black History Month Production 2023

RBG BHM Program Script


  1. Kendra Landers: “Listen, Lord, A Prayer” by James Weldon Johnson’s God’s Trombones
  2. LaQuita Middleton: Singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by James Weldon Johnson
  3. Vashon Christian: Original Poem, “Kidnapped”
  4. Vashon Christian: Original Poem, “Can You Imagine?”
  5. Ebony tha Goddess: Original Poem, “Going Home”
  6. LaQuita Middleton: Original Monologue, “Slave w/ Baby”
  7. LaQuita Middleton sings Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”
  8. Vashon Christian: Original Poem, “Lynch Legacy”
  9. Joy White: Excerpt from  “Break Every Yoke and Let The Oppressed Go Free” (1858) by Mary Ann Shadd
  10. Tamara Warner: Mother to Son by Langston Hughes 
  11. LaQuita Middleton: Original Poem, “Wade in the Water”
  12. Tamara Warner: “Baptized in Dirty Water” by LaQuita Middleton
  13. LaQuita Middleton: Original Monologue, “Ms. Melba Sue Talks Racism”
  14. Kendra Landers and Tamara Warner: “What about the Children?” by LaQuita MIddleton
  15. Tamara Warner: “What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black? (Reflections of an African American Mother)” by Margaret Taylor Burroughs (1963)
  16. Jacynda Williams: Original Poem, My Color is Not My Crime: My Black is Beautiful
  17. Teresa V. Garrett: Original Poem, "The Return of Maya Angelou"
  18. Tamara Warner: “Alabama Centennial” by Naomi Long Madgett
  19. Joy White: Shirley Chisholm, Acceptance Speech, delivered January 25th, 1972
  20. Jacynda Williams: “Lord, Why Did You Make Me Black?” by RuNett Ni Ebo
  21. Nita L. Chase: Equality Ain’t Equal (Prompt from LaQuita Middleton)
  22. LaQuita Middleton: Original Poem, “Black Lives Matter”
  23. Teresa V. Garrett: Original Poem, “Racism Doesn't Exist”
  24. Author Kendra Landers: Poem by Kayla Landers “To My Unborn Black Child”
  25. Ebony tha Goddess: Original Piece, “Nigcentric”
  26. LaQuita Middleton: Original Poem, “I Called in Black Today”
  27. Ebony tha Goddess: Original Poem, Alkebulan
  28. Author Kendra Landers: Original Poem, “I Am America”
  29. Joy White: Excerpt from “Rashema Melson’s High School Valedictorian Speech
  30. Ebony tha Goddess: Original Poem, “Nina” 
  31. Nita L. Chase: Original Poem, “NEW BLACK”
  32. LaQuita Middleton: Original Poem, “When They Come for Us” 





Tamara Warner - “Listen, Lord, A Prayer” - James Weldon Johnson

Rashad Harrington - “Lift Every Voice and Sing” - James Weldon Johnson


Kenya Stewart - “lynching witness” by LaQuita Middleton

Ebony tha Goddess - “Strange Fruit” by Abel Meeropol sang by Billie Holiday

Erica Starkey - Slave w/ Baby Monologue by LaQuita Middleton

Kenya Stewart - “For Black Women Who Experienced Genocide When the Police Murders of Their Sons Was Too Much” by Keith Wallace 

Tamara Warner - “American Dream” by LaQuita Middleton

Beautiful Butterfly - “Scared to Live, Afraid to Die”

Stevie Maya - 

Rashad Harrington - “Precious Lord” 


S’rReal - BLM 

Shining Poetess f. Aquil - “Sundown Towns” 

Larie Edwards - Average Brother (song)

Aquil Ali f. Shining Poetess - “Heavenly Words of Emmett Till” 

Cheryl Terry - “Ms. Melba Sue Talks Racism” 

Erica Starkey - The Ballad of Birmingham 

Nita L. Chase - “Carole Robertson Tribute” 

Sue Lichtenfels - What About the Children? 

J Kemet - Mother of Three Sons - (about her sons) 

Kimberly Manning - The Big Chop 

Ebony tha Goddess - The Black We Wear 

Shining Poetess - “Dedication to Karen Circle” 

Ricki Connor - Excerpt from Malcolm X’s “Message to the Grassroots” 

Quincy Keith - “We’re Still Your Kinfolk” 

Isaiah - Black Man Part I: Black is Bold

S’rReal - Black Power 


Cheryl Terry - “How I Got Over”

Angel Kim - “The Cost of Freedom” 

Charente Carr - “Still We Rise in Unity”

Stevie Maya - “In This Silence” 

Angel Kim “Stop It” 

Rashad Harrington - “Brown Skin/You Send Me” 

Kenya Stewart & S’rReaL - “Divine Arrival”

Dope Female - “A Mother’s Love” 

Charente Carr - “Light”… (work on the writing of it) 

Tamara Warner f. LaQuita Middleton - “Alabama Centennial” 

Aigne’ Goldsby - Empowerment Speech

Ebony tha Goddess - Liberation 

Nita L. Chase - “I’m Exhaling for the Revival” 

Tavetta Patterson - [Empowerment Speech] 

Dope Female - “Today, I Break the Chains” 

LaQuita Middleton - “When They Come for Us” 



Mother to Son, by Langston Hughes  -

A Black Woman Speaks of White Womanhood, by Beah Richards  -

Trayvon, Redux, by Rita Dove  -

Let it Be Known, by Margaret Taylor Burroughs  -

Let My People Go, by James Weldon Johnson  -

The South, by Langston Hughes -

Alabama Centennial by Naomi Long Madgett -

Listen, Lord, A Prayer, by James Weldon Johnson -

Go Down, Moses by James Weldon -

Listen, Lord, A Prayer, by James Weldon Johnson -

Black History Month 2022 Auditions 

Audition Song Ideas

  1. Lift Every Voice & Sing (James Weldon Johnson)
  2. A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
  3. How I Got Over (Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin)
  4. Keep your Eyes on the Prize (Mavis Staples)
  5. Deep River (Old Hymn)
  6. Ain't Gon' Let Nobody (Turn Me 'Round)
  7. Glory (John Legend)
  8. This is America (Childish Gambino)
  9. Mercy, Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye)
  10. What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)
  11. and more!

At the Feet of the Masters

TOP: Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth
BOTTOM LEFT: Yolanda King (Dr. King's Eldest Daughter)
BOTTOM MIDDLE: Congressman John Lewis

One of the great things about our founder is that not only did  she earn a B.A. in Black Studies from Berea College, she  learned hist-ory at the feet of the masters - those who lived it. This is the guid-ing force of this company!

She speaks from the same zeal & tenacity as those who endured the American Civil Rights Movement firsthand. 

She always issues a charge for change. 

|     Freedom or else.     |

Take advantage of our "A Footsoldier Speaks"  program where     you can book some of our living legends to speak to your group!

Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth & I at his Retirement from the Pulpit in Cincy, OH


PHOTO 1: LaQuita's delivering an embodiment of Sister Mamie Till Mobley; 

PHOTO 2: LaQuita a civil rights tour in B'ham, AL. 

Historical Embodiments

Our civil rights department presents historical emobodiments of sung and unsung civil rights heroes. 

We also present original historical plays that span 30 - 90 minutes, depending upon our clients' requests!

Need some spoken word to add a little something extra for your event?

Contact us today!

Leading Civil Rights Tours
(Premier CR Museum)

Not only do we lead civil rights tours of historic cities & their CR attractions, we:

  • Lead city-wide tours
  • Train tour guides
  • Compose training manuals